50 Facts About Me!

50. I was born in Berlin, Germany 49. I am deathly afraid of injections & needles 48. I love old American cars 47. My favourite movie is Lost in Translation 46. I have a black belt in Karate 45. I am obsessed with lists, goals and vision boards. 44.My first ever job was a paper … More 50 Facts About Me!

Do It For Yourself

Recently I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘Big Magic’ which I was recommended by a friend, and although I don’t usually enjoy non fiction reads, I really enjoyed this book! Elizabeth talks a lot about leading a creative life and how creativity can enhance your life, and I would agree with her. Β If I am not creating … More Do It For Yourself

30 Before 30

It’s official! I set myself a target of reaching 30 Countries before I turned 30! Canada was my 30th Country at the ripe age of 23. I reached the target a lot sooner due to my job as cabin crew, and hopefully I’ll continue to trek the globe and maybe even make it to 60 … More 30 Before 30