What Should You Do If You Hate Working

I know a lot of people hate their jobs and I know a lot of a lazy people, however all of those people that I know that are like that, are still punctual, helpful members of society and have functioning 9-5 jobs with a monthly wage packet.


When I say I hate working, I really, really mean it. And it’s not because I am lazy, even though sometimes I am, but it’s mostly because I hate the way jobs are set up.

I know that sounds quite strange, but hear me out.

I’m not scared of hard work, honestly. I’m not scared of working long hours, I’m not even scared of working for a low wage. I am scared of MEANINGLESS work, which in my experiences is a lot of jobs.


I’ve worked in offices, magazines, shops, events, on the ground, in the air, in different countries. Shift work, 9-5 work, self employed work etc, etc…

My overall experience with jobs has often made me feel like cattle. Typing emails, admin work, physical work… Most of it I found didn’t require a lot of brain work – and if it did require a lot of brain work, it was rarely on a subject that I found interesting and therefore my motivation to work was extremely low. Now I know I may sound like a brat, and maybe I am one, but if this sounds like you, then I have some (hopefully) helpful tips for you.

1.) If you hate your job – quit.

I realise this may sound easier than it actually would be to quit your job, but at the end of the day if you really can’t stand it then don’t. You won’t starve to death. You’ll find another job. and If you hate that one, then quit that one too.

2.) Try volunteering. Try Internships, Try EVERYTHING.

Most people (like myself) have hated work and jobs in the past because they don’t actually know what to do, and unfortunately I don’t have a crystal ball to help you here. The best way to know what to do in life is to simply try everything. And I mean everything. From working in a vets, a bank, a school or even an aeroplane. You might surprise yourself to what you like and what you don’t like. (One of my favourite jobs I’ve ever had was working in a book shop – something I thought was just a ‘job’ but I actually ended up loving.)

3.) Work out what you value in a job.

This is different for everyone, but a lot of people when they are searching for a dream job or career only consider the job description, which is obviously important, but they forget a lot of the little things. Is it an office job, do you work with a small or big team? It is working solo? Is it a physical job or are you sitting on your bum all day?

For me, I majorly prefer shift work, because I value flexibility in my schedule. I personally HATE 9-5 jobs with their rigid routines and only the two days of Sat&Sun to enjoy myself. Work out all the finer details and try and find a job that fits that. Try out these questions:

Do you like working indoors or outdoors?

Do you like routine or spontaneity?

Do you like a lot of structure or to make your own plans?

How involved would you like your manager/boss/superior?

Do you want to work for a big or small company?

Do you know about the ethics of your company? Do you agree with them?

Is wage or quality of work life more important to you?

Are you willing to work weekends?

4.) Can you work for yourself?

Are you able to start your own business or become self employed? Some people hate work because they want to do their own thing. Play by their own rules etc… In these cases, you should do exactly that. Now I know it’s not a simple thing to do, but if your able to and your passionate enough – why not give it a try?


I am still quite young with not a whole lot of experience in this big bad world, but these are the tips I have worked out for myself so far to help me make money and live in a world where I HATE working. If you have any tips or experience about hating working/your job, please comment down below!

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