Game Changer, Life Changer.

Have you ever heard of a vision board? No, me neither until around about this time last year when I stumbled upon a youtuber named Terri Savelle Foy whose videos about Vision boards literally changed my life.


Now I am an organisational freak, so making lists was nothing new to me. I had always written lists of my goals and dreams and things to do… My problem was, was that after I had written these, my list was tucked away in a draw somewhere, or being used as a bookmark.

I wasn’t reviewing or revisiting my goals and dreams and therefore they fell by the waist side, forgotten and unfulfilled.

However, since I have started with using vision boards to display my goals, I have them staring at me every single day, from the moment I wake up, to when I get back into bed that evening (my vision board is by my bed!).


The basic thing I was doing wrong was not keeping my list of goals in front of me, staring me in the face and reminding me of their existence, which is exactly what makes vision boards so perfect!

So I encourage all of you to get going on creating your own. They are not hard at all, in fact, they are actually kind of fun (especially if your a collage making lover like me). Go crazy on google images and get a notice board, some pins and scissors and get serious about your dreams.


Good luck!


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