Do It For Yourself

Recently I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘Big Magic’ which I was recommended by a friend, and although I don’t usually enjoy non fiction reads, I really enjoyed this book! Elizabeth talks a lot about leading a creative life and how creativity can enhance your life, and I would agree with her.


Β If I am not creating or writing or making I feel extremely unproductive and like I have no direction or motivation, however most my life I have been creative to reach an end goal rather than for the pure joy of it.


Creating to complete my degree or for my job or for an interview/portfolio… I rarely create just for myself and really – that’s the best kind of creating.

When I started this blog I thought more about who would see it and what people would like to read about, over what I actually wanted to create. Doing this will not only bring you no joy, but it won’t be successful either because people are very good at spotting when work is unauthentic or forced.


Β Creativity is something that is very personal to us all because we are all inspired by different things and all have our own skill sets. We shouldn’t create for other people, for social media followers or because that is what you think will sell or be popular. We should create to live creative lives and explore our own imaginations.

Create even if nobody will ever see it.

Create even when your scared to.

Push yourself to create always.

Create for yourself because only then will your work be worth something; It will be yours.


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