Blogging Beginnings

When I first started my blog I researched a lot of different blogger success stories and tips to help me launch all website to the largest audience possible, however I feel that I have learnt the most by just going for it and here is what I have learnt.

Although all the tips out there on the internet are about marketing your blog to ensure you get the most reach and audience and likes and views …. I really believe that content something rather over looked.

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Firstly, there are hundreds of blogs out there, which means your up against a lot of competition even before you begin. This means that your blog has to have something very unique about it to stand out. Take some time before you even go online to figure out what your blog is going to be about. Being a ‘lifestyle’ blogger is all well and good, but is ultimately very broad. People want and respond to a specific theme, such as a sewing blog, or a film review blog etc… Find your niche and then the next step is perfecting it.

The first few months of this blog, I went from one idea to another, and shifted my focus and content constantly until I finally felt comfortable with my brand image.

Once you have your theme sorted, it is time to work on content. Due to the high volume of blogs in the bloggerverse, your content needs to be polished to perfection. You need original content that can’t be found anywhere else, which means that you first need to do a lot of research and reading. You also need to ensure that any images you use on your site are flawless. Use a good quality camera, or even collaborate with a photographer friend (if you know any).


Do not underestimate the importance of quality content. My biggest tip for any bloggers who are thinking of or having already started a blog is to wait. Do the research and play around with content ideas. Make up lots and lots of posts, each time aiming for perfection.

Once you believe you have this, only then I would advise you to launch your blog. This will give you the best start for blogger success…


What are your best blogger tips? Comment below beauties! x

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