Minimalism is SO important

I first came across the idea of Minimalism from a good old Ted Talk.

Have you watched it yet or did you just scroll past? If you’ve just scrolled past then get your lazy butt up there again and press play! Really, do it. I promise you it is so worth it because I personally found this video extremely inspiring.

Since watching The Minimalist’s Ted Talk, I have always carried around the idea in my head about materialistic things. I began quickly to see where I was falling into traps in my life and spending my money on ‘things’ that I actually didn’t want or need and was wasting the money I could have spent on other things, such as travel.


I have been very conscious about the amount of possessions I now own and regually throw stuff out (actually I donate them, I am a gift aider for the charity British Heart Foundation).

Trust me when I say, when you go through your things and throw stuff out, you feel so MUCH BETTER! Not only does it give you so much more space in your life, it can also give you more head space to focus on the things that really matter in your life, like the people around you or a certain project you’ve been working on.

Decluttering really is a type of therapy and I believe living a decluttered or ‘Minimalist’ lifestyle is extremely theraputic too, but sometimes It can be difficult to change your ways, so here are my big tips when your just starting out and going through your first ever clear out:

Ask yourself 3 BIG questions:

-When did you last use this item?


Whatever it may be, if you havn’t used it/worn it etc in the last three months and don’t see yourself using it any time soon, get rid of it. You can’t do this with everything (for example winter clothes. You may not need them in Summer but you should hold onto them for next winter, but if you’ve had a jumper for three years and havn’t worn it the past three winter’s – chuck it out!), but try your best to be ruthless, even if you like an item, if your not using it or need it, it’s only cluttering your life.

– Is it in working order?


A lot of the time, and lord know’s why, we all keep hold of things that are broken, worn out etc. Thing’s like sock’s without a pair or an old iphone. You won’t use these things so get them out of your life! Now!

-Do you need this item?

Now you don’t have to be an extreme minimalist, but still this question is relevant. Look around your home and at all your belongings. That second TV you have sitting in the spare room that is barely used or the bag of tools (with three of the same screw drivers), can all be condensed. Cut down all your things to anything you truly need and love and get rid of everything that sits in between.


So why does Minimalism even work?

The thing about it all is, even though it sounds so simple, is that living a simple, minimalistic life without all the materialistic things society is trying to tell you you ‘need’ will make you a happier person. It deletes distractions from your life and reduces stress. Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself and let me know how you get on.

Have a good one!


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